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Sunday February 27 - Sunday March 27

Open the Cages Alliance is proud to announce the completion of our first Baltimore Vegan Pledge Program, which ran from February - March 2011!  The Vegan Pledge Program was brought to the U.S. from the U.K. by our friends at Peace Advocacy Network in Philadelphia.  Participants in the Baltimore Vegan Pledge Program pledged to live vegan for the duration of this free, month-long educational program (and hopefully longer!).  Each “pledge” was paired with a vegan mentor who has been vegan for a year or more, to provide one-on-one advice and support.  OTCA held weekly meetings focused on different aspects of vegan living.  This year’s programming included a vegan nutrition presentation by registered dietician Mark Rifkin, a vegan ingredient presentation by long-time activist and Farm Sanctuary volunteer Jamie Cohen, a cooking demonstration from We Call It Love Cafe, and a field trip to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary.  Programming was supplemented by regular “office hours” at vegan-friendly establishments in Baltimore and Washington, DC, during which mentors and pledges could get together, and OTCA organizers were available to give support and hear feedback from all participants.  The program culminated with a vegan potluck celebration, at which pledges were able to show off their newfound vegan cooking skills.  OTCA also held a post-Pledge meeting for evaluation and feedback.  Please see the Baltimore Vegan Pledge Program blog for written reflections from participants and organizers.  

We will follow up with Pledge participants in the coming months, to assess the program’s success in transitioning pledges to vegan living.  If you are interested in being a pledge, vegan mentor, or a volunteer for a future program, please sign up for our email alert list!  We will let you know about our advocacy events for animals, including Vegan Pledge Programs tentatively planned for 2012 in both Baltimore and Washington, DC.  

The Baltimore Vegan Pledge Program would not have been possible without our knowledgeable presenters, dedicated volunteers, generous sponsors, our wonderful venue Cyclops Books, and of course kind OTCA supporters.  The enthusiasm for our debut Pledge was absolutely inspiring, and we hope you will be involved in future programs!   

Here are ways to participate in the 2012 Vegan Pledge Program:

PLEDGES will pledge to live vegan for the month of the Vegan Pledge Program! If you are curious about veganism, and would like to give it a try, we'd love to help! Each pledge will be teamed up with a mentor who will provide moral support and advice. Open the Cages Alliance will hold five meetings, each Sunday throughout the pledge month, including a cooking class, nutrition presentation, shopping trip, and a trip to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary. Social events and informal gatherings will also be planned throughout pledge month.  Our goal is to provide a supportive community for aspiring vegans, and to make lifelong vegan living as easy - and delicious - as possible! Sign up to be a pledge at

MENTORS will provide moral support and advice for pledges.  Mentors are required to attend the first and last meetings (February 27th and March 27th).  However, mentors are highly encouraged to attend all meetings, and to spend time with their assigned pledge between meetings!  If you have been vegan for over a year and are interested in being a mentor, please sign up today at

VOLUNTEERS will be needed for various duties, such as transporting supplies, and set-up/clean-up at meetings and social events.  You are welcome to be a mentor AND a volunteer! Volunteers may use the same sign-up form as mentors, at

Please note that this program is meant to foster and support a vegan lifestyle, including a diet free of all animal products (meat, eggs, dairy, honey).  Animal products labeled as "free range" or "cage free" will not be promoted through this program.  If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us.

For more information, email, or fill out our contact form.
Also visit our Event Page for the Vegan Pledge Program on Facebook!

We look forward to seeing you!

Open the Cages Alliance
Allie, Erin and Robin (Directors)

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